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Your Property is Safe with Askaan

The Leading Company in the Real Estate Management

Your Best Choice in the Real Estate

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  • Askaan Properties is a leader company in the real estate development field. It is subsidiary of Ajman Holding Group, headed by H. H. Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi. Askaan headquarter is located in Ajman - Khalifa St., which has access to all the key facilities in the Emirate.


  • The Company has a track record of outstanding community achievements, the thing which attributed to it the prestigious reputation and position in Ajman as a leading real estate company, along with its community initiatives and activities and real estate business.


  • Askaan is one of the top companies in all the activities of real estate domain. It has developed many commercial, residential, and industrial property projects, in addition to others multi-use projects.


  • Since its inception, Askaan has been keen to be distinctive and highly professional to create the proper environment for its clients. It manages a lot of special properties in the most important areas in Ajman, deriving the power from the mother company, Ajman Holding and the affiliates, in order to provide an integrated system in the field. The company aims at raising the value of the properties under its management by following-up, arranging, and maintaining the property’s quality under the theme "Your Property Is Safe With Askaan"


  • Askaan Properties currently manages:


         2003  Residential flats.

       387    Commercial shops.

       197    Labor camp rooms.

       65      Stores.

       8        Industrial lands.

       95%  The occupancy rate in our buildings over the year.


  • Askaan is characterized by attractive location, providing the current and new clients with easy way of communication to search vacant units to rent. Moreover, the Company concentrated on utilizing social media in order to publish its ads and news (Askaan website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube). As well, Askaan allocated a Whatsapp number for contact 24 hours regarding the inquiries, suggestions, and complains, aside from the toll free number. All the above are meant to facilitate communication with the clients.