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Askaan is also keen to be the first in the country by presenting unprecedented special services and social initiatives. By these, the Company does not seek profit; rather, they are designed to raise health and cultural awareness among members of the society.

Here are the initiatives of Askaan provided to the community:

1.    Available first aid box each flat.

2.   Eligible for free medical check-up for all the tenants in cooperation of Thumbay Group, including the test of blood sugar and blood pressure.

3.   Distributing useful books of all ages to all the tenants.

4.   Hosting the Movable Library Vehicle near the buildings managed by Askaan to encourage the tenants and children to read.

5.   Happiness box initiative – a suggestion box located at the entrance/reception of the buildings, for the tenants to be able to drop their new ideas about the                initiatives and Askaan will carry out during the Year of Giving.

6.   Breast cancer awareness campaign For WOMEN's the "Pink October".

7.   Initiative for the elderly people the " World Day Of Elderly".

8.   Initiative for special needs children the " WE Are Love You".

9.  One-week medical camp initiative in the Department of Land & Real Estate Regulation. 

10. Sports day initiative for MEN's and WOMEN's.


      Social initiatives and services continue for the benefit of Community members, as they are part of the national process.