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  • Having in mind the happiness and comfort of the clients, Askaan administration performs the following:

  • Prepare biannual questionnaire to the clients, to get their notes and suggestions, to improve and raise the level of services to the highest level possible.

  • Make the Leasing Department work through specialized electronic system, which includes all the Company’s requirements, and link it with the Finance Department. This procedure facilitates the follow-up of properties and clients, and allows us to present accurate and detailed monthly reports for the owners.

  • Assign a team to inspect the properties on weekly basis, to maintain them hygiene, and ensure the clear access to the emergency exits, and the full abidance by the requirements of Civil Defense and Ajman Municipality, in addition of following-up of any damage in the service areas.

  • Follow-up the tenants who failed payment or renewal, and the bounced cheques by filing case at the police stations or the Rent Disputes Committee, as well as having full updates on such cases through the Legal Proceedings Department.

  • Askaan is one of the first real estate companies approved to register and attest the contracts via the Municipality website, where the clients do not have to visit the Municipality for the attestation.